Easy Safety Assessment - SLS Free Melt And Pour Soap Base. #1


This cosmetic product safety report, also known as  CSPR or Safety Assessment applies to SLS Free Crystal Melt and Pour Soap Base and allows the flexible use of 8 colours. The 8 Fragrance Oils can not be blended. The easy bit being that the Safety Assessment is pre assessed.

We are so proud to be working with Scott Grainger at Cosmetic Safety Consultants Ltd.

The Soap Base has to be Stephenson's SLS Free Crystal Melt & Pour or Stephenson's White SLS Free Melt & Pour Soap Base and can be purchased from any retailer.

The Colours are: Titanium Dioxide and Wonder Colours only available from The Crafters Shop. Here is the good bit, the 8 colours can be blended to make a wide variety of colours and for this particular assessment the colours are:

Titanium Dioxide
Wonder Colour - Turquoise Blue
Wonder Colour - Red 40
Wonder Colour - Apple Green
Wonder Colour - Yellow
Wonder Colour - Pink
Wonder Colour - Orange
Wonder Colour - Black

Please note that the water soluble colours are very very concentrated and only a small amount is required as using too much there could be some bleeding.

The Fragrance Oils are only available from The Crafters Shop. The fragrances are our own designed fragrances and exclusive to us, all tried and tested for this assessment.

Blackberry Jam
Madam Marmalade
Ocean's 8
White Tea, Grapefruit and Ginger
Valentinia's Dream
Sugar Rush
Seasonal Spicy Orange

Additional Ingredients: Rubbing alcohol 70% spritzed at minimal amounts for the purpose of adhesion and also Witch Hazel as a spritzed amount not as an addition to the end product.

Synthetic Sponge,

All you have to do is buy the Easy Assessment, the soap base, colours and fragrance oils and you are ready to make your products. We use your details placed at the time of order onto the SA documentation. If you wish to have a different address and details applied please do add a note to the order.

This Assessment is a set Safety Assessment and no changes are available, we will of course add more SA's in the future with different colours and fragrances as well as an Essential Oil SA.

Once the product has been purchased we will send you the recipe (during working hours, Monday to Friday) which is easy and the amounts of each product associated with the Safety Assessment. Your details will be sent to be added to the Assessment. You can start to plan your product range before the assessment is returned however we do suggest waiting until you have your assessment as there will be details on the assessment that are important to the manufacture of the product that are required for your labels and packaging of the product.

When purchasing this product please be aware that we do have to use your name and address for the purposes of having the Assessment drawn up in your name and that we do have to share these details with Cosmetic Safety Consultants, Your details will not be shared with any other party. Please do make sure that your details are correct so that we can process everything as quickly as possible.

**We will automatically use the delivery address on your order for your assessment so please take care when making your order, if you need the address to be different then the delivery address please add a note to your order or email us as soon as possible.**

Please note that this Assessment is only available to customers ln England, Scotland & Wales. NI customers please contact us for more details.

There are several legalities involved with selling your products over and above the assessment, these include legal labelling, downloading your product information to the UK cosmetics portal, having insurance and generating PIF files. There is full support available and a link will be emailed to you in the product recipe.

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