The Crafter's Shop has been designed for sales in the UK only and sells "The Mould's Shop" Soap Making Equipment and Mould's. We wanted to add soap making and bath bomb ingredients to The Mould's Shop which trades across the EU, this proved difficult and so The Crafter's Shop can supply a much wider range of goods within the UK.

Our sister site is "Summer Naturals" and we have been selling online since 2006. We are a small family business based in Manchester.

Our team:

Firstly we have Anne who we call 'the big boss' and is the best big boss we could ask for.

We have Phil, the man who can make just about anything.

Natalie, has been working alongside Anne for around the last 5 years.

Saul the one who thinks he's the big boss and our full timer.

and lastly, Sophie who we employed during the pandemic to cover mat leave and was too good to let go of.

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