Q: Can I pay over the phone?

A: We do not take payment over the phone. We do have several other methods of accepting payment; these include cheque - Orders won't be dispatched until the cheque has cleared, direct bank payment (bank details only offered after an order has been placed), Paypal, and credit card at the time of order online. We are an online business only and so we ask all customers to order and pay online, this cuts down on admin costs and allows us to keep our prices down.

Q: Can I click and collect?

A: We do offer a free click and collect service, we ask please don't visit us to collect until we have arranged a convenient collection time for both us and yourself, we will contact yourself once we pick up the order during working hours if we haven't already discussed a suitable collection time with you before purchase. We will load your vehicle for you in the event of bulk items being ordered.

Q: Are we a shop?

A: No, Despite our name 'The Crafters Shop' we aren't a 'shop' as such, we are an online only business, although we do offer our free click and collect service as above, we cannot allow customers onto our premises for health and safety reasons, however we will gladly step outside for a chat should you have any questions or queries.

Q: Do we accept cash payments?

A: We can accept cash payments if you are collecting an order, however the correct amount must be paid as we have no cash stored on our premises to supply any change. Please advise us before collecting if this is the payment method you wish to use.

Q: Are your opening times accurate?

A: Our opening times state 10:00am-16:00pm Mon-Thurs, and 10:00am-14:00pm Fri. These hours are a guide for click and collect reasons(Please see above Q and A for Click and Collect) and also for courier/haulage companies who may wish to get in touch with us if they are collecting from us or delivering to our premises. We are a small family business and do sometimes have to work around our children's school hours, holidays and any other necessary appointments, most days we arrive much earlier than 10:00am, but may leave before 16:00pm should the opportunity to do so arise, we do also work later than 16:00pm often and we will always try our best to work around customers who are collecting orders should these hours not be suitable for yourself, Please do not arrive without ensuring we are here first, or if we have the relevant stock you wish to purchase available. Any emails or enquiries will be picked up the next working day if we have already left work for the day.

Q: I would like to add an item to my order, how do I do this?

A: Adding to an existing order can be done, please contact us first to make sure that the original order hasn't been dispatched, and also to determine whether we will be able to fit the additional item in with the original package, this varies on both size and weight of a parcel, if so an order can be placed using our free click and collect delivery option, and we will place both orders in one parcel together. If the second order has items too large or heavy to fit all in the one parcel, additional postage will be required to cover the second order and parcel. If a second order is made using our courier service delivery option, and we can combine both orders into one box we will refund for the additional postage paid, This does however cost us extra money to do and on some items we may charge a £0.20p fee for the additional order where it is being combined.

Q: I have a problem with my order, will it be sorted out?

A: Worry not. If you have phoned or emailed because there is a problem with your order, We will always contact you ourselves to sort the problem out although an email will be replied to much sooner than a phone call will. If you have problems contacting us or there is no fast reply please check on the home page to see if we are closed for a few days. (We all like a little break). Please be assured that we will contact you as soon as possible to sort out any problems - we want happy customers.

Q: Part of my order is missing what should I do?

A: We now ask that you check the packaging carefully before discarding, more often than not delicate and light products are trapped in packaging. Very often the "missing" item is found. Please do not feel offended if we ask you to check, we are aware that on occasion we make mistakes, we will ask you to confirm if the packaging slip was ticked or not, this helps with stock levels and it helps us to work out how we made a mistake.

Q: Why am i being asked to pay more because I live in a courier excess postage zone?

A: Some areas attract an excess delivery charge, the details are available on our Delivery Prices page and also on the shipping options selection page. We ask that customers in these post code areas either select RM delivery or contact us for a shipping rate. Where the information on the site and in the T&C have been ignored, a parcel will be held, we will contact you and ask if you are happy to accept a slower shipping company, pay any excess or have the order cancelled. Where details have been bypassed we can not help the delay on a parcel being dispatched. Where a customer fails to reply we will refund after 7 days.

Q; Which Courier Company do you use?

A: Our main courier company is DHL, we also use Royal Mail and Parcel Force, we can also offer a Pallet service for bulk orders, should this be of interest to you please contact us.

Should you require any further information or details from us, you can send us an enquiry on the Contact Us page on our website, alternatively if you believe we can offer more information on this FAQ section, please do let us know and we can add or update where possible.

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