Animal Testing: Historically many ingredients have been tested on animals, this especially in the pharmaceutical industry is carried out on every ingredient before an oral or topical medication is considered safe to be sold either over the counter or as a prescription. Some of the ingredients we stock are pharmaceutical grade and samples will have undergone some tests on animals. Where there are no side effects and the animals have gone unharmed the ingredient is deemed suitable. Details of any ingredients that have undergone any historical testing clearly state this on the MSDS sheets of products. Any ingredient that we stock that has undergone historic testing is present in many products, sometimes food ingredients which we all consume.

Vegan products: We do not indicate if a particular ingredient is suitable for vegans. Most ingredients that we stock are, it is possible that some are not. We are guided by our suppliers however, occasionally we may have to change a supplier and I believe that whilst most suppliers are honest, a simple grade change or a change in ingredients could mean that a new batch isn't vegan. We would be extremely upset if we marketed a product as vegan and it wasn't. There are several Vegan Checkers on the internet, we suggest checking a particular ingredient on a checker and also contacting us via the contact us page regarding a specific ingredient and we will gladly do further checks. 

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