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Madame Marmalade Fragrance Oil. A unique fragrance based on a French perfume with rich additions of magnolia, chocolate, leather, smoke, imagine Victorian Moulin Rouge.

When tested in our cold process soap recipe "Madame Marmalade" discoloured to a cream colour and no acceleration was noted, the fragrance allowed time to mix and blend with three mica colours at a light trace and the soap remained "playable". I soaped using 3% FO at a cool temperature using a heavy olive and coconut oil recipe with low percentage of other oils and butters with a total yield of 1.6kg.  However as all soap recipes and manufacturing conditions vary, we suggest testing this fragrance oil in a small batch of soap first to see how it performs in your recipe. Please note that this fragrance oil has since been modified since it was tested to remove Lilial and we do suggest doing your own tests.

This fragrance is suitable for all wash on wash off and leave on bath and body products as well as for candles and wax melts. Available in various quantities, please select from the drop down menu below.

We know that you work to your Safety Assessments but suggested usage rates for use are available in the IFRA documentation available in the link below. We are selling our Fragrance Oils in grams and litres as we know that weight is used when measuring Fragrances.

Sold in grams, prices start at £4.99

Please note, due to spillages and wastage, we have dropped our 250g and 500g FO items down to 225g and 475g, the prices have also dropped on these two sizes to reflect the smaller sizes.

Madam Marmalade MSDS CLP

Madam Marmalade IFRA 49th & 50th

Madam Marmalade Allergens Lilial Free

CLP at 5%

CLP at 10%

CLP at 25%

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